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The VCHS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to provide supplemental financial support for educational, athletic, artistic, cultural, and social-emotional opportunities for all students attending VCHS. We help bridge the gap between the increasing costs of education and shortfalls in state funding in order to supplement the needs of school programs, teams, and clubs. As public funding becomes increasingly scarce, the role of the VCHS Foundation becomes more and more critical to providing well rounded opportunities for every student.

Next Adjourned Meeting
Monday, April 15
VCHS Board Room

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  2023-2024 Foundation Board Members
President: Mike Tarantino
Vice President: Kelly Hernandez
Secretary: Diane Arnold
Treasurer: Jolyn Duff
  Membership Chair: Bernadette Kennedy
Parliamentarian: Nicky Lovejoy
Auction Chair: Julie Stroh
Public Relations: Sarah Bond
 Financial Advisor: Faith Much


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